Snapea Crisps

4 years ago

My sister`s new obsession is Snapea Crisps. After finishing a bag, she had to get her hands on another! So of course I had to try it out!

A bag is roughly $3. We bought our`s at Sprouts, which is like this organic grocery store similar to Trader Joe`s.

There is a slit on the side of the bag where you can open it. I don`t like it how there is no zip lock or anything to close the bag after you are done eating... You have to fold it up and secure it with a rubberband.

Plus, the bag is mostly air. About 1/3 of the bag is actually Snapea Crisps. The dried pea pods are actually kind of gross to me. i don`t like them. They have a funny taste. The bag says that they can be eaten with salads, but I don`t think I`ll be putting any in my salads!

Have you ever tried this before?

How did you like it?

-Pictures are mine.

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