Snapchat Leaks PRIVATE Information!

Snapchat definitely was one of the big applications that took the world by a storm this year. For those who don`t know, Snapchat allows you to send timed photos to your friends that immediately disappear after the allotted time. It`s a fun way to send derpy/dorky pictures to your pals during class or when you`re bored. For most, Snapchat is linked to their phone number since it`s an app on the phone which raises the questions about whether or not those personal phone numbers could be accessed.

Well the answer is here. Last week, researchers warned that Snapchats username and phone numbers were vulnerable to hacking and on New Years Eve, someone made millions of them public. Over 4.6 million accounts were hacked into and their numbers and usernames are available for download via SnapchatDB. Right now, the last two digits of the numbers are censored out but can be uncensored `under certain circumstances` and originally posted the numbers to raise awareness that it IS possible. As of right now, SnapchatDB has been suspended but who knows who has already accessed those numbers and usernames.

You can go here to check if your number was accessed. Luckily, I didn`t connect my number to my username (having only used Snapchat on my Ipod Touch) but it`s definitely good to be aware and make sure your personal information stays PERSONAL!

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