Snake eyes piercings

2 years ago

Hello everyone and I am new to luuux this topic is about snake eyes piercings I have had mine since November of 2013 and let me tell you it is a blessing and a CURSE. It is a blessing for people who cannot get there tongue pierced regularly because of the vain in there tongue. It is a curse because over time the jewelry of the piercing and constant moisture causes the balls to unscrew and get loose. A lil bit about this piercing most tattoo parlors will object to doing this because of whatever nonsense saying you will lose the sensation at the tip of your tongue but honestly there is no sensation there unless you bite down on the piercing. It heals like a regular tongue piercing as well but the problem is if taken out within a matter of minutes the tissue of your tongue will heal on the inside thus either making it close or harder to push the curve ball back through. It does hit on the back of your teeth wearing down the enamel and you must take it out for dental work like any other mouth piercing. However if you are looking for something unique and different I suggest you go ahead and get it mines cost 20 dollars on special at my trusted tattoo and piercing place but it should run you no more than 40 average healing time is 3 to 4 weeks

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