Snails Anyone?

3 years ago

Snails or escargot as the French like to call it, is not a dish that many of my friends eat. In fact, I probably only know about three people who enjoy eating these strange creatures. I for one actually enjoy eating snails.

While I was in China last summer, I was at a restaurant and decided to order myself a dish of snails. It was about $4, which is pretty good deal compared to the escargot prices here in Canada! And not to mention you get many more and they are a lot bigger. I was actually quite surprised to see how big these snails were since the ones served here at restaurants are a lot smaller. And not many restaurants where I live do sell them.

Anyways, onto how they taste. The snails were cooked with a soy sauce base with some seasoning that I am unable to explain or describe. There were also a few red chilli pepper; however, you couldn`t actually taste the heat of the peppers (which is a good thing for me). Taste-wise, they were actually pretty good. I did enjoy them since they were well seasoned and it was not at all spicy! In fact, after I finished this dish, I ordered another one! Addicted to snails I am!

<strong>Have you tried snails or escargot before? Do you like them?</strong>

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