SnackOTD: Custard Apples (Mang Cau)

4 years ago

My dad goes back and forth to vietnam alot. When he comes back home, he brings back a whole suitcase full of fruits. My favourite would have to be mangosteens but this time, he didnt bring back alot :( He brought home alot of logan, rambutan, star apples and custard apples which is still good.

The first thing i grabbed for was the custard apple, also called `mang cau` in vietnamese. It`s green but starts to turn black as it gets ripe. The peel is really thick and you just peel the outside away to eat the inside. The inside is white and contains alot of black seeds. This fruit is really hard to grow which is why i barely see it in stores, and when it is in stores, it tends to be expensive.

I cant really explain what it tastes like. It`s really soft in texture and very sweet and tasty. You guys just need to try it for yourself hahah

<strong>Have you tried Custard Apples/ Mang Cau before?</strong>

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