Snacking on Strawberries!

4 years ago

Strawberries have always been my favorite fruit and so they`re usually always in my fridge. I bought some last week and have been eating them as a healthy snack after I come home from class. They`re perfect!

My roommate also bought some strawberries but when she eats hers she puts sugar on them. Haha, I think that`s so weird! I`ve never put sugar on my strawberries before - I eat them the way they are! :) My roommate said she didn`t like them without sugar because she had always eaten them like that. Guess it just depends on how we grew up eating them, lol!

My grandparents came and visited me this past weekend at school and they brought me up some more strawberries :) They`re so nice! So needless to say, our fridge has quite a bit of strawberryness going on, lol. But hey, I`m not complaining! I love strawberries! And I`m really glad to reach for a healthy snack like this instead of something processed or sugary. It`s a smart choice! :)

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