Snack: Rambutan (Exotic Fruit amp Strangest Looking Fruit!)

4 years ago

(Images are mine)Okay, I know what you`re probably thinking...the strangest looking fruit ever! I know! I know! Everytime I introduce this fruit to a fruit they are like there`s no way I`m eating that...and then I cut it up and they`re like maybe I`ll give a try and now they`re addicted!

It looks "hairy" i know it`s weird, it`s a like a magenta fruit that hair but you wouldn`t expected what`s on the inside. I`m not sure if you have ever tried a lychee but I love lychees. They are soo delicious...but this is 10 times better than a lychee!

I had ate this almost everyday for about a month and never got sick of it. I mostly ate this when I went to Vietnam a couple of summers ago where my sweet Grandma introduce this fruit to me. I was like uhh.. and then now I can`t stop eating it.

It`s not the easiest fruit to find...let me tell you. You can sometimes find them in some asian markets but I can never find them. I actually found them when I went to Santa Ana.

It`s like a sweet delicious mouth watering fruit with a huge seed in the middle. I love it a lot... have you guys ever tried this?

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