Snack of the Day: Potato Wedges!

5 years ago

I absolutely love potato wedges! My favorite place to get potato wedges is at KFC, especially when they warm them up when you order it, which makes the skin crispy, but the potatoes warm and soft. I didn`t get these potato wedges from KFC though, I picked them up at Safeway. I usually get my lunches at the Safeway Deli area, and today I noticed they had other small sides like macaroni, mashed potatoes, buffalo wings, and these potato wedges. It`s about $3.49 for a pound, but I didn`t get that much, so I paid a little over $1 for these potato wedges.

They taste just like the ones at KFC, but the texture just isn`t as nice. The skin isn`t crispy, and the inside varies from soft to a little harder; some potato wedges seemed like they were a little undercooked. They also weren`t as fresh as KFC potato wedges, it tasted like they had been sitting there all day. Even though these were affordable, I probably won`t get them again. I wouldn`t recommend getting these.

<strong>Do you like potato wedges or do you prefer french fries?


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