Snack of the Day: Mango Shaved Ice

4 years ago

After eating a mixed fruit shaved ice about a week ago, my friends and I were craving more shaved ice! So after class we decided to head back to the cafe and order another one. We didn`t want to mixed fruit one this time so we decided on the mango shaved ice. Since it was a hot day, a lot of people were ordering it so it took a while for it to get to us.

When they did bring it over, we were super excited to dig in! It came in another huge bowl. There was mangoes EVERYWHERE! They were spilling out of the bowl!! It came with a bed of ice, a mountain of mangoes, another mountain of whip cream, and vanilla ice cream under the whip. Instead of condensed milk, they poured passion tea/juice on top. I`ve never had that before but it was sooo good. The juice flavored the ice, so we didn`t have any of those weird bites of just flavorless ice. I`m sure the mangoes came from a can, but they were still really tasty. Unlike the mixed fruit one, we finished this! The passion flavored ice went amazing with the mangoes, whip cream, and vanilla ice cream. I`m definitely ordering this again!

The mango shaved ice was about $8 which isn`t that bad since it was really tasty and relatively large. Definitely not Guppy status, but still good enough for us. This was the perfect snack to get me in the studying mood....haha I`m just kidding, I`m never in the studying mood. But this definitely brightened my day! So are you a fan of shaved ice?

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