Snack of the Day: Mango Almond Milk Smoothie

5 years ago

I was feeling a bit peckish, so I decided to make a smoothie out of some ingredients that I needed to use up. Namely, some frozen mango that was so underripe that it`s flavourless, some Greek yogurt, and some mango sorbet that doesn`t even taste like mangoes, lol. As it turns out, when they`re all thrown together with some almond milk, the combination tastes pretty good!

Here`s what I used to make this smoothie:
<ul><strong><li>almond milk</li>
<li>frozen mango</li>
<li>mango sorbet</li>
<li>Greek yogurt</li>
<li>tropical fruit juice</li></strong></ul>

Initially, I used WAY too much of the frozen ingredients, and had to add more liquid (almond milk and fruit juice). I ended up with too much of the smoothie, so I put the extra in the fridge. Overall it tasted pretty good! The almond milk was a nice change from regular dairy milk. With the sorbet and fruit juice, it was just sweet enough (but not too sweet). I don`t really remember the exact amounts of everything that I added to the smoothie, but the beauty of smoothies is that your ingredients don`t need to be measured with exactitude. :) You can adjust your recipe as you go along to tailor the consistency, sweetness, flavour, etc. of the smoothie to your own preferences.

<strong>Do you like smoothies? Do you make them at home or do you buy them from a smoothie place?</strong>

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