Snack of the day .. Magic stars.

Hiya luuuxers;

So recently ive been cutting down on eating biscuits and all that jazz, i told my mum
not to buy me any biscuits or anything like that this week because im trying to
keep the extra weight away.

Anyways, i was craving chocolate real bad but i didnt want to go downstairs and
waste more money on crap.. especially when im trying to cut down.
So my nan sent my little 3 year old twin sisters some chocolate over from england
and bless caseys little cotton socks.. she ran in with a packett and gave me it, i at
first said no but she threw a fit, then my mum came in an explained that she had
been waiting for me all day just to share her chocolate with me.. So we both
sat there and shared this little packett of mini stars.. I loved it because it was so
nice of her to share them with me , plus because they are so little and i didn`t eat
the whole packett, i didnt gain alot of calories.. YAY!

*image belongs to me.

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