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3 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
Korea is filled with tons of places to eat, so it`s really difficult to choose where you want to go in. I`ve been looking for a place that sells good macaroons though, and I finally found one! Well, only one of them was actually really good, but I loved the texture of them and definitely want to try different flavors next time I go :) The place is called `The Bakery Cafe` and it sells really delicious looking breads and colorful macaroons for a decent price. It`s a self-owned bakery so I enjoy supporting their business :D Anyway, keep reading to see what flavor macaroons I got and how they were!


<strong>Lemon Macaroon</strong>: This was by far the best tasting macaroon I`ve ever had :) It was chewy and crunchy, just a hint of that lemon-y sourness and the perfect amount of sweetness. Very delicious and the perfect texture!

<strong>Raspberry Macaroon</strong>: This one was a great texture, but just far too sweet :T If it was a little more tangy and had more of a true raspberry flavor, I think I would have liked it.

<strong>Orange Chocolate Macaroon</strong>: The last one was just terrible. It didn`t even taste like orange or chocolate, it was just.....bad. I took one bite of it and didn`t even finish. Such a shame T_T

<em>Although only one of the macaroons tasted good, I think it`s worth another visit to the bakery :) Let me know if you`ve ever had macaroons before and how you liked them! What`s your favorite flavor?</em>

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