Snack of the Day: Heart-Shaped Fried Egg! ^^

5 years ago

My mom gave me a little heart-shaped frying pan for Valentine`s Day, and I just got around to using it today. I used it to cook an egg, but I think you could use this for mini pancakes, too!

I first sprayed the pan with a non-stick cooking spray, then I put the egg in the pan. I had difficulties making the yolk stay in the centre of the pan, so I just gave up and allowed it to go where it wanted to, lol. The sides of the egg cooked *much* faster than the centre. The white of the egg was still clear in the middle of the pan by the time the parts of the egg that touched the sides of the pan were cooked. I don`t know if it was due to issues with the burner I was using, or the pan itself. Either way, I did manage not to burn it, and it was pretty good! I couldn`t get it out of the pan without breaking the yolk though. If I even wanted to attempt that, I`d need a very small pancake flipper, haha.

I think I`ll stick with making eggs in a regular frying pan from now on, though I would like to try and make little pancakes in this pan! :)

<strong>Do you like fun kitchen utensils like this heart-shaped frying pan?</strong>

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