Snack of the Day: Gyoza

4 years ago

After working on my presentation for my biology class, my friends called me up and asked if I wanted to go grab some food with them. Since I didn`t eat much today, I was more than down! They decided to go to Ten Ren which I didn`t mind since I love Ten Ren and I filled up my stamp card so I could get a free drink!!

I didn`t really want a whole meal so I just decided on the gyoza since it was cheap. It came with 8 gyozas and some sweet chilli dipping sauce on the side. They gyoza were super crispy since they were deep fried rather than pan fried. I didn`t mind since it was super tasty. It had a pork and veggie stuffing which is my favorite. I wasn`t a huge fan of the sweet chilli sauce, I prefer Cha`s sweet and sour sauce but they didn`t have that even though they`re under the same company. Either way it was a super filling and unhealthy snack.

I also got an almond milk tea to go with my gyoza. It was all delicious so I was happy. My total was less than $6 I think which isn`t bad at all. If you love deep fried gyozas, definitely try the ones from Ten Ren. They`re pretty tasty and inexpensive. So have any of you tried Ten Ren`s food? What do you normally order?

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