Snack of the Day: Ginger Beef

5 years ago

I was super hungry when I was coming home from work the other day and decided to stop at a Safeway to get something quick to eat. So, I ordered a small ginger beef from their deli section (it was one of the only appetizing things I saw, lol). It cost about $3. Safeway`s deli is not exactly cheap.

I really liked the sauce and the batter on the beef, but the beef itself was really tough and stringy - it was practically beef jerky! I do like beef jerky, but not in my ginger beef, lol. So although it was tasty it was just hard to eat!

I`m going to try to avoid Safeway`s deli from now on...most of their stuff is overpriced and not that good, it seems. :/ Their sandwich bar is good, and not too expensive, but it`s closed by the time I get off work. I might actually be able to get yummier, cheaper food at the fast food place next door to the Safeway, even though I`m not big on fast food. But anyway! I do not recommend the ginger beef at Safeway, lol. /endrant :P

<strong>What`s your favourite thing to eat when you`re pressed for time?</strong>

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