Snack of the day = FRUIT

5 years ago

<p style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;">This past week me and my husband went grocery shopping, and when doing so I try to stay away from the inside of the store..meaning aisles. I like to shop the outter sections of the store. So when I go I head directly to the meats then to the produce section..if I need something from the aisles then I will, but if not that`s my shopping trip. With that said..I load up on the fruit and will eat that anytime of the for todays snack this is what I had....and I love oranges especially the big, juicy sunkist ones, but since they only had some other ones there I picked up the CUTIES..I always see them and tons of advertisment for these so I went ahead and gave them a try....there super cute, not to mention...and can`t wait for my little one to eat solids so I can give them to her. And WOW, for such a lil orange its packed with juice and flavor...and again will be great for the with that I paired it with strawberries which is always a favorite.....what did you all have for a snack today, or what do you usually turn to for a snack???</p>
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