Snack of the Day: Fench Onion Soup

5 years ago

I had a single-serving of French onion soup sitting around in the freezer, so I decided to make it for a snack. I was feeling slightly peckish, and I thought this would help satisfy my hunger until my next meal. :)

The only oven-safe "bowl" I currently own is a Pyrex measuring glass, so I had to use that to heat up my soup in the oven, lol. It took quite a while to heat up...45 minutes, or so! So I had to have some patience.

Once it finally came out of the oven, it looked great! The cheese was brown and bubbly, and it smelled very onion-y. ^^ It also tasted great - the broth was rich, and the cheese was really melty (but not too salty or greasy). There were also some croutons in this soup, which were okay, but they weren`t crispy (as I heated them up in the soup). They were kind of soggy, really.

This soup looks super cheesy in the photo, but it`s actually only 200 calories! That`s pretty good, I think! I believe the cheese was skim mozzarella, which accounts for the relatively low calorie content.

This was a great little soup and I wouldn`t mind having another for a future snack. ^^

<strong>Do you like French onion soup? If not, what`s your favourite soup?</strong>

***Photo is my own; please do not take.

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