Snack of the Day: Costco`s Hand Dipped Ice Cream bar

4 years ago

It`s been super hot here in So. Cal so ice cream always seems like an amazing snack. I was at Costco with my friends to pick up some stuff and to beat the heat. After we paid we decided to go get ourselves a little snack and headed over to Costco`s food court. Their food court is a haven for broke college students haha.

I was deciding between the frozen yogurt and the hand dipped ice cream bar and decided on the hand dipped since I wanted chocolate plus I`ve never gotten it before. They basically just took a vanilla ice cream bar and dipped it into some chocolate and then dipped it into some roasted almond bits. They just threw it in a bag and handed it to me.

It reminded me of the haagen dazs ice cream bars but a lot cheaper and bigger. It was bigger than my hand! That first bite was oh so delicious! There was vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and almonds in every bite. Once I got halfway through, it became a challenge to eat it. The chocolate coating started to fall off and I did everything in my power to try and keep it on the the stick. It eventually fell off but landed on my wrapper so I just broke off pieces and placed them back onto the ice cream haha. It was only $1.50 for the ice cream bar and was definitely worth it!

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