Snack of the Day: Almonds!

5 years ago

When I`m at school, I have horrible eating habits. I never eat breakfast and I only eat like once a day. Normally that one meal is extremely calorie packed and unhealthy. I`m also always starving during my classes and decided it was time to change my eating habits. I`ve decided to start bringing some healthy snacks to school so I can eat them when I`m feeling hungry and not eat such a heavy meal.

My preferred snack is raw almonds! I buy the huge tub from Costco and bring a handful or so with me to classes. Almonds are delicious and a couple goes a long way. I eat about 10 or so at a time and I`m beyond full. Besides filling you up, almonds are extremely healthy! It`s helps with cholesterol, blood pressure, and can help reduce the chances of getting cancer. I`m sure there are a bunch of other health benefits but I don`t know them off the top of my head.

If you`re like me and have horrible eating patterns, bring a healthy snack with you! Almonds in my opinion are the best since they fill you up and are healthy! I`m hoping that I`ll start eating healthier and regularly. So do you snack on anything throughout the day? If so what do you normally snack on? Are you a fan of almonds?

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