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5 years ago

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So it was a little chilly today, but inside, when it gets warm, boy is it really warm. I was craving for something really cold. The ice cream shop in my school didn`t have sorbet.

In the school convenient store, they have popsicles. They didn`t have cyclone`s last time I went to check them out, so I was glad when they restocked.
I used to eat these all the time when I was a kid! The flavours I believe are:

Blue raspberry
Cherry or Strawberry
Lemon? Doesn`t actually taste like lemon, so I`m not sure.

The only bad thing about eating these, is that it turns my teeth a little blue, and my tongue purple. Lips too. Just like back when I was a kid... well that`s alright. It only lasts for a short while, and it tastes really good.
I got it for $1.49. Which is a little expensive, but hey, you`re always willing to pay a little more when you have a craving, am I right?

Have you guys tried these before? Do you like them? Favourite flavour popsicle?

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