Snack: Lemon Tart

5 years ago

This was my snack this afternoon. Well, really, it was supposed to be my after dinner dessert, but I was hungry this afternoon and I saw the box in the fridge and it somehow ended up in my hands and I was eating it. Heh. Thats my story and Im sticking to it!

I picked this up (as well as another for my boyfriend who ate his yesterday) at my local Italian bakery. These are one of my favorite desserts from this particular bakery as far back into my childhood as I can remember. Whenever my mom or dad went to the bakery to get bread, etc., theyd come home with one of these for me. Its really delicious! I love just about anything lemon, so its all thumbs up for me! The crust portion of the tart is a thicker dessert crust. Its stable enough to hold the contents and not get soggy, but it is crumbly when you bite into it. The filling is a thick, gooey lemon flavored gelatin. Its very similar to the lemon pie filling in a can, but this version is made by the bakers at the bakery. I love these things and the funniest part? They are my boyfriends favorite dessert from his childhood as well.

<em>Have you ever had a lemon tart?
Do you like lemon desserts?</em>

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