Snack Haul! Freebies, Girls Scouts, amp Clearance!

5 years ago

Yummy snacks should never be in short supply :) When I went to CVS a few days ago, I noticed that tons and tons of things throughout the store were on clearance. I noticed some key lime flavored short bread "straws" (or cookies, basically) and figured that at only $1.50 a box, I`d give them a try! I wasn`t expecting that there would be many of them in the box since it seemed rather light, but I was definitely surprised!

The key lime cookies were really yummy! And there were a <strong>ton</strong> of them in the box! They are definitely going to last me awhile, lol. They`re basically key lime-flavored short bread with a light dusting of powdered sugar on top. Delicious! They also had just plain lemon flavored ones. Maybe I should go back and get them, too!

The next thing I picked up was a Life Choice bar. I had received a coupon to try one for free, so I went to see what flavors there were. I decided to go with one of the protein bars because the energy ones were basically like candy bars - tons and tons of sugar and calories. No thanks. So I ended up with the mint chocolate protein one instead (they had some other flavors, too, but this one seemed interesting). To be honest, it wasn`t that great. I know protein bars tend to have that "protein" flavor, but even with the chocolate and mint it still tasted weird. At least it was free and I was able to try it, but I won`t go back and actually purchase one myself.

As I was walking out, there was a Girl Scout selling GS cookies! I`ve been looking forevvvvveeerrr for Girl Scouts and was so happy one was there! I picked up a box of Thin Mints :) I think they`re one of the best not only because of their deliciousness, but because there`s like a bazillion cookies in the box (compared to just the 12 or 16 or whatever of the Caramel Delights/Samoas). Economical and yummy!

So that was my snack haul! Between the freebie and clearance price, I only paid $5 for everything. Now that`s some successful snacking! :D

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