Snack: Fresh Fruit

4 years ago

This is what happens when I asked my boyfriend to bring me up some fresh strawberries. He came back up with a smorgasbord of fresh fruit for me - haha. The plate consisted of strawberries, sliced banana and green grapes. I enjoyed it though I`m not going to lie AND I did share some with him while he was eating his sandwich. I had picked up a container of Driscoll strawberries at the market because the other berries that I had been purchasing have been lackluster and the last container I ended up throwing away because they were so overripe they were squishy (like a wet sponge) to the touch. Yuck. Driscoll`s are more expensive because they are grown differently (I can`t remember how) but they are cleaner and they were sooooooooo sweet! I`ll be going back to the grocery store tomorrow to get another container because that one won`t last me to have cereal on Monday. The grapes were also perfect. I`d been purchasing red grapes but my local grocery stores are transferring to a different batch and the red is just yucky now and the green is actually getting sweet (they`d been bitter for a while). The banana is how I like it, yellow but still hard. I hate when they start getting slightly soft it just is yuck -- I swear I can taste the "alcohol" in it coming out.

Do you eat fresh fruit as a snack?

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