Snack: Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Tea amp Pastries

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers! :) Today my mom, sister and I went to Dunkin Donuts to have a sweet snack before dinner. We`ve all been really busy and stressed out lately so it was a nice thing for us to do to relax a little. My mom is obsessed with sweet tea. She has to have sweet tea every day. Since I live in the South, sweet tea is everywhere. Dunkin Donuts has a large sweet tea for 99 cents so she always goes to get tea there. She likes McDonald`s tea too but the Dunkin Donuts tea tastes fresher. So of course my mom got a sweet tea. My sister got one as well but I ordered a large Pumpkin Spice iced coffee. Dunkin Donuts has the best Pumpkin Spice coffees! WAYYYYYYY better than Starbucks. I`ve been going to Dunkin Donuts for all my coffee drinks lately. And since I`ve been used to their coffee, going back to Starbucks drinks is weird. Is it just me or does Starbuck`s coffee have a burnt taste?

I also had a 99 cent coupon for a muffin so I got a pumpkin muffin and my sister got a fall harvest donut. The muffin was HUGE so I only ate half and saved the other half to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

I have this thing where I enjoy going out to cafes or coffee shops to buy coffee or pastries. Something about it makes me happy. Of course, eating and drinking yummy things makes me happy as well! lol

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