Snack: Corn Cob

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Its been such a long time since I posted a food post here on Luuux. These past few days, Luuux had been giving me so much trouble. There were times when I couldn`t even go on the website because it said that there were too many members logged on or that the server timed out. Come on now! I lost so many points that I could have earned these past few days. Tsk Tsk. Okay, well onto my actual food post and enough with my rant. This was actually from yesterday. I was so hungry yesterday but my mom didn`t really cook anything but she steamed some corn cobs. I am not much of a fan of corn but these were actually good. I think it tasted better because I was hungry. Haha! Usually whenever my family eat these, we always just eat them plain. We never put butter or mayo on them. Just plain, right off the cob. Its actually healthier to eat it this way. My mom cooked enough to have one for everybody in the family since we always get full after eating one. This was a great snack, especially since its summer! Have you guys ever had corn like this before? Do you eat it plain or put a bunch of stuff on it? ==================================================================
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