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I used to always buy Girl Scout cookies because I had a friend that was in Girl Scouts. Though for the longest time I stopped seeing Girl Scout cookies being sold. But, lucky me, I sometimes see them being sold on campus at my school! I usually buy a box or two because this stuff is so delicious and I rarely see them being sold so I like to stock up lol. A few days ago my friend brought back a box of <strong>Caramel deLites</strong> for me because she knows they`re my all-time favorite. Thank goodness I wasn`t there to see them, otherwise I probably wouldn`t bought way too many boxes :X . I don`t know why they don`t call them <strong>Samoas</strong> anymore, but they`re the same cookie.

<strong>Caramel deLites:</strong> "These dougnut-shaped cookies with a hole in the center are covered in caramel and toasted coconut, and then striped with chocolate."

<strong>Other Girl Scout cookies:</strong>
<dd>- Thin Mints
- Trefoils or Shortbread
- Do-Si-Dos or Peanut Butter Sandwich
- Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties
- Thanks-A-Lot
- Dulce de Leche
- Lemonades
- Thank U Berry Munch
- Shout Outs!
- Savannah Smiles</dd>

I`ve only tried two other Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints and Tagalongs. A lot of people really like the Thin Mints, but I don`t really like chocolate and the cookie is covered in chocolate so it`s a little bit too much for me. My other favorite are the Tagalongs. I really like peanut butter cookies.

<em>Have you tried Girl Scout Cookies? Which cookie is your favorite?</em>

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