Snack Box for a Movie we didn`t even see...

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I went to the movies today. We zipped on over to the local movie theater to catch the 3:30 showing of the new Spiderman movie. Since we had 10 minutes before the movie was to start we decided to grab something from the concession stand before heading into the theater. Since food at a movie theater is ridiculously expensive $4.50 for a small beverage and popcorn each and a WATER was $4.25. <em>I now realize why I always sneak food IN but since we were running a little late to get there, we didn`t stop to pick anything up to shove into my gigantic purse lol/</em> While scanning the sign, I noticed they had what they called the 1, 2, 3 Go box which includes a small popcorn, small soft drink or icee and a snack of your choice (m&ms, oreo cookies, or fruit gummies). My boyfriend wanted popcorn, I wanted a water and M&M`s, so we settled for the Go box (he got a Pepsi) and when we went into the theater we sat down and I ate my candy, he ate his popcorn and we were happy.

That is, until the movie started to roll. My boyfriend has a hearing impairment so when we go to the movies we rely on RWC (Rear Window Captioning) for select movies so he can read the subtitles along on the screen in front of him while we all watch the same movie. I thought all was fine and dandy (you can`t see the captions unless you are sitting right in front of it) so he looked at me and asked if they were talking on the film. I nodded and he sighed, shaking his head. I turned around -- the RWC screen was now SHUT OFF. Seriously? Every time we go to the movies there is 85% of the time a problem with the captions machine, etc.

I ran out to tell the girl the captions weren`t working so she went up and tried to get it to work and after 10 minutes it still wasn`t on. We decided to leave so my boyfriend didn`t have to sit there thru the 2 hr 15 min movie not catching onto everything being said in the movie. The nice part was the girl up front was very accommodating and refunded us our money AND gave us re-admittance passes for the next time we go to the theaters.

Fingers crossed next time the captions work.

Do you typically buy food when at the theaters?

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