Snack: animal fries!

4 years ago

Sometimes I crave fries with an extra something something to them, so I immediately thought of In-n-Out`s Animal Fries from their secret menu! At nearly $4, they can get pretty expensive.. I remember buying 4 of these once and was so shocked about having to pay nearly $20 for a bunch of fries...

Animal fries are so delicious. In-n-Out tops their fries with cheese and their secret sauce. You can ask for extra sauce packets that you have to eat immediately or refrigerate. Another thing you can do to try to beat the price is ask for cheese fries and ask for sauce packets... Ta-da! Animal-style fries!

Their sauce has like relish I think.. and somehow their sauce comes out as a light pink color. I have no clue what they put in their sauces. I can`t taste any specific ingredient O:

In-n-Out is super duper close to my house, so I can get it anytime :)

Have you tried Animal-style fries before?

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