Snack- Ruffles Sour Cream amp Onion Chips

4 years ago

This was from quite long ago though I had forgotten to post it.

My favorite chip flavor is actually pizza though its sometimes hard to find here. My second favorite chip flavor is sour cream and onion, especially the chips with ruffles. I find that ruffled chips hold in more flavor than regular chips.

I`ve tried sour cream and onion flavored chips by Humpty Dumpty, Lays, Pringles, Herrs and Ruffles and my favorite sour cream and onion chips is made by Ruffles. I think they have the perfect mix of sweetness and saltiness in the chip and the ruffled chips hold in more flavor.

I found that Lays and Herrs were too salty, while Humpty Dumpty was too sweet and the flavor was not strong. For Pringles I didn`t really like the flavor at all. Though on a plane, because the pressure affects your taste buds, I love Lays Stax Sour Cream and Onion. Though once landed, the chips taste pretty terrible.

I`m glad that whenever the company buys snacks, they always pick up bags of Ruffles sour cream and onion chips. Literally, a club bag would be gone within 2 hours so I always grab a small bowl before everyone does.

Which brand do you guys prefer?

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