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SmoshGames is a new channel from (you guessed it) Smosh, however there are now new people involved, these being Jovenshire, Lasercorn (because he has a unicorn tattoo with a missile on its back, and a laser), and Sohinki (which I don`t really remember because he looks alot like Lasercorn). There is also Mari, Ian and Anthony.

Every Monday on the channel is Super Mari Fun Time, which is basically Smosh Pit Weekly, but based around the gaming world instead. Every Tuesday is Dope Or Nope, which studies around certain new game releases, and sees the features of a game and see if they are good (Dope) or bad (Nope). Gametime with Smosh is every Wednesday, which is Ian and Anthony playing a different game every week, and might soon be a whole series of different games which they will continue to play depending all on the fans. Thursday is Smosh Games Review, where the presenters review the games, and there is alot (ALOT) of edits involved, sometimes way too much. Every Friday is Smosh GameBang (not to be confused with something else), where the whole SmoshGames team play a game together, and if they can`t, they will do one on one matches, or single player modes and compare the score. This is my favourite series because it makes me laugh the most. Saturday is GamerNation, which is alot like Smosh Games review, only there is no edits, and its much more serious (they are in a TV studio and everything). Last but not least is I have a Raging Bonus, which I am not too sure what it is about, but I am guessing it is about games that have alot of rage causing scenes and stuff.

Check this channel out, I strongly reccommend that you subscribe to the channel if you have subscribed to Smosh.

What do you think about the channel?
Is there anyone you would like me to post about on YouTube?

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