S`mores Cookie Review from Barnes Noble

2 years ago

If you should know anything about me, it`s that I am an avid s`mores lover (if there`s even such a thing). So when I stopped by the cafe in Barnes & Noble to pick up a quick snack before ravaging for books, you could imagine how I must have felt when I saw the delicious looking cookie with huge chunks of marshmallow and chocolate chips.

I honestly don`t remember how much I paid for it although I do think it was somewhere between 2 to 3 dollars. The cookie itself was quite large, a little smaller than the size of a pancake that you`d find at iHop or something.

Now for the actual taste test:

The first thing I noticed about this cookie was that it was kind of hard. I was expecting it to be a very soft, chewy cookie but it actually had a pretty gummy texture that was just not very pleasant at all. The marshmallows were hard as well- I think that`s what really contributed to the `gummy` texture of the cookie and it was just not fun to chew on. The chocolate chips, however, I did enjoy. But if I had wanted a regular chocolate chip cookie, I would have obviously bought one, which this s`mores cookie honestly might as well have been.

The cookie overall didn`t taste anything like s`mores which I was really disappointed in. It was also very dense and heavy and left me feeling sort of sick afterwards.

So in all, I was super disappointed in this cookie and definitely not one I would recommend. Have any of you tried this cookie and had a different opinion on it? If so, let me know!

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