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Ohh What to do on a Thursday night when you have a group of friends over?? (1/2 day of school tomorrow so we can stay up right? lol) Anyways, last night, the temperature was pretty decent. The past few days, it has been raining on and off with a few rumbles of thunder thrown in there. And when it wasn`t raining, there was dense fog that made the air all wet. Well on Thursday night, the temperature was 63 degrees and it felt so nice. The humidity though was 97%, but that`s okay I guess!!

We all went outside and chose to make s`mores!! I had all the s`mores materials at my house plus reeses!! I actually had a little grill set up on my porch so we could roast the marshmellows and melt the chocolate. We each grabbed one of the sticks, stuck a marshmellow on and roasted it till perfection. For me, perfection is when the marshmallow is covered in brown and I love it when the marshmellow is a bit on fire lol. I just think it looks kinda cool and it tastes nice too! After the marshmellow is melted, we stick it into the center of 2 cookies with a few piece of hersheys or reeses in it and then we EAT IT!! I love s`mores so much that I had 4 of them!!! It was such a fun and tasty night!!
Luckly for us, we didn`t stay up for that long. We went to bed before midnight and were pretty energetic for school today since it was just a half day and we weren`t doing much in school!!

Do you like S`mores?
Hershey`s or Reeses?

*pictures are mine*

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