Smoothest Legs, Ever!

4 years ago

Okay, so I know every girl has trouble keeping away that stubble feeling on their legs right after they shave. But I found a way to keep your legs smooth for days after you shave. You`ll also notice a significant difference in smoothness!

What you need:
-a good type of razor
-an exfoliating body wash
-moisturizing/nourishing body lotion

Okay so, many people think you get the best results by using shaving cream. Whether it be an average shaving cream, a gel one or a lotionized one, they all work the same. At least for me. And it never seems to get all the tiny, short hairs on my legs.

I decided to try and use a different method and see if I noticed any difference. I discovered that bar soap is an absolute no-no as it dries out your skin and there is a better chance at getting razor burn and/or cuts! What I found worked best was an exfoliating body wash.

When you exfoliate it removes the dead layer of skin on top of your legs, which is why I think this works so well. The razor is able to remove all of the hair, not just the top of it. Using the body wash does not seem any different than the shaving cream because the razor still easily glides over your leg. Not cutting you or resulting in razor burn.

After you get out of the shower I would suggest that you should use a lotion on your legs to moisturize your legs to prevent inevitable dryness. Having smooth and nourished skin lets your legs to look much healthier, especially when they`re cleanly shaven!

What works best for you when you shave? Have you tried this before?
Thank you for reading! :)
*photos are mine

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