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5 years ago

So it`s been a couple of days since I`ve first purchased this smokey eye kit. I previously did a post about buying it and being excited to try it. So I`ve finally had the time to try it over the weekend (yesterday). I did the black smokey eye, not the brown smokey eye shadows. It works actually better than I had imagined. I had a comment on my previous post that said it was pigmented when they swatched it. I didn`t find it to be pigmented at all, it blends well. Before I go into depth about the item, I just want to say that 1. I`m not professional make-up artist, so I may not have putting it on correctly or make it blend enough 2. I usually put make-up on the way I like it so I don`t necessarily follow the instructions that there are on the palette.

As you can tell in the swatches, the brown and black are matte and it`s smooth when putting it on. I`m not sure if you guys can see the brightest color clearly but it`s a good color for below the brows.

The first two pictures are of me when I put it on in the morning around 11am. I didn`t use any primer because I ran out of the Urban Decay primer. I have the ELF primer but OMG let me tell you its HORRIBLE! The ELF primer does not do a good job at all! My eye shadow will smear into the cracks of my eye lid within 2 hours -_- So don`t buy that.

The last two picture were taken around 5pm, later in the day. It didn`t smear or anything, it stayed for a good amount of time. However by 9pm it did start to smear a little on the top. But I mean, for a palette with no primer lasted me at least more than half the day so it`s not that bad. But of course if you use the Urban Decay primer it will last all day even if you rub and/or eye your eyelids wet.

The only thing I didn`t like bout this palette is that the brown and black isn`t as dark as I thought it would have been. I have to go over the same area 4-5 times before I get the darkness I want (unless its supposed to be like that, this is my first palette so I don`t know, thats just my opinion). Other then that it works good. As you can tell from the swatches that the brown and black do give it a good smokey look and the other colors blend very will on top of one another.

I definitely recommend this palette to everyone, it was only $28 I believe, it`s pretty cheap. But I still definitely want the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay! That will be my next palette. But until then, I hope you liked my review and that it helps you guys with how good this product really is.

*Picture are mine, sorry for the bad quality

Hi, I guess I had forgotten to mention the brand of the palette, and I apologize for that. It`s actually from Sephora and it`s a Sephora brand. It cost around $28 if I can remember correctly. But this is something that you need to pick up, it`s great for daily usage!

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