SMH at Toddlers amp Tiaras!

4 years ago

Channel surfing is what I do best , but having to land on America`s reality show Toddlers & Tiaras is just wrong. I`ve heard and seen a few Toddlers & Tiaras commercials, but having to watch the show is just sick!

The show is basically about young girls competing in a Beauty pageant. The show will focus on three different pageant contestants and the families as the parents prepare their children.

I do understand we all have something in common which is beauty! We love everything about makeup which isn`t that important. Natural Beauty is what`s important! By all means I do think these parents are sick to their head when I see parents do the following.

1. Allowing their children to wear false lashes at the age 4, 5. Dang! I wore my FIRST false lash my early 20`s.

2. Fake hair, don`t care? Allowing them to wear fake extensions! My hair is too short or thinned. Don`t worry hun, slap some hair on there.

3. Cake, cake, cake, cake of layers of face makeups. Time to drown my face with boat loads of makeup! Beauty is the BEAST!

4. I`m five and I have fake teeth. Get your smile on. Chipped or missing any teeth? Why not wear teeth to have that perfect smile?

5. Wannabe Jersey Shore Meatballs? Tanning at a young age. Seriously? I rather look pale than like hideous!

6. Hoochie mama skimpy outfits! Clothes that reveals too much skin is hot! Not! Children at this age shouldn`t wear these type of clothes.

I just find it horrible how these little girls look. I`m not trying to be mean, but they look so FAKE! Comparing the before and after pageant look. I see an innocent child screaming for help! The parents on the show or in real life put too much pressure on their children. They`re still young so let them be and worry about other things that`s important in life!

1. Do you think parents are responsible for children appearance nowadays?
2. Would you want your children to look like this? Fake looking?

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