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5 years ago

Being a BzzAgent I am asked, if qualified, to participate in testing of products/applications. One of the applications I was asked to test out was a website: http://www.. According to BzzAgent Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on their digital, social, and technical skills. These digital, social and technical platforms range all around the board, but some of the widely known ones would be: Facebook, Twitter, Google, BzzAgent, PowerPoint, JavaScript, English for Business, 80s Trivia, Angry Birds, etc. Basically, its an easy way to put people on their toes and test their knowledge of platforms they may say they master. Face it, so many people are experts at a lot of things these days but sometimes its all talk. Its also a good tool to use if you have some knowledge in a background area and want to test what you know. The questions are not bland, some are rather tough and one of the cool things is that questions are vast because some users actually submit questions and answers to be hosted on the site. The more I browse the site the more tests I want to take or the more I want to push the site off to those that I know to have them take the tests. Friendly competition anyone? Its also a way to expand your knowledge, even to things outside of your comfort zone. The reason I say this is because you are given a timed quiz each question starts with anywhere between 15-20 seconds on the clock (think Family Fued). A question is on the top of your screen and you are given 5 possible answers and it is up to you to pick the correct one. Dont worry if you dont pick the correct answer because Smarterer will TELL you the correct one so it is a learning process! I tend to be a huge gluten for knowledge (I miss college!), so this is something that Im finding I enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day soon Ill take the C++ quiz and try to learn some of the techno-mumbo-jumbo my boyfriend is always talking about. I have taken the Facebook quiz and found that I a have a score of 536, which makes me a Proficient user of Facebook. Eat that, Mark Zuckerberg! Haha (kidding!) There is a score range and based on where you land, depends on what you are coined. For instance, Beginners have scores under 300, Familiar 300-449, Proficient 450-699, Experts 700-779 and Masters 780-800. Want to test your skills? All you have to do is head over to and create an account you can log in with either your Twitter, Facebook or Gmail accounts. Once logged in you just have to find a test or two, or three, of four to prove your skills. Then bring your knowledge to the table and answer questions in those areas. Once youve completed it, you can share your level on your Smarterer resume or with the folks in your social network (Twitter/Facebook).
QUESTIONS: Are you a Smarterer user? Will you be checking Smarterer out?
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