Smart Meters in your house?

I have been reading about the installation of smart meters in houses of ??California?? and i`m quite in the on the middle.
I really don`t want anyone needing to know more than they know now about my habits...if smart meters are to be enforced they should only report the daily consumption not hourly or minute....making this impossible to know if someone is at home or not.
Im not a fan of conspiracy`s, but every year we see some story that some high guy used information that he shouldn`t have, to do something he shouldn`t just because he could.
Just a few months ago came to public that a member of the secret services had been passing secret information on people some company needed checked...this is bad...
i don`t want someone coming to my house when they know i`m not at home to rob me just because he has access to my power consumption charts.

Also many people are against it because it emits RF waves, for what i read normal wireless networks.
To be honest if its normal wireless networks, just be quiet...your cellphone emits more RF....and your neighbor is probably gonna have an wireless router already...

whats your opinion?

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