Smart Candle Holders

5 years ago

I love burning candles, but when it hit the bottom of the jar or container. This is when risk always take place. I either tilt the jar or the container to burn my candles. I burned myself a few times. :/ I know nowadays there are long nose barbecue lighters though!

Recently a group of Swedish designers called "Form Us With Love" came up with a brilliant idea. Their Match candle design is designed very cautious for their customers. Their votive container they`ve created has a small slit down the side. All you need to do is strike your match and gently slide the match between the slit.

This is just a great idea, but a whopping $75? Damn that`s expensive! Lol I think I rather buy a bunch of those long nose barbecue lighters. Haha!

1. Would you buy this anyways?
2. How often do you burn candles?

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