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This is my first haul with Ulta, how sad. To be honest, I don`t usually shop at Ulta. Most of the time I am at Sephora. Yes, I am a loyal customer of Sephora`s. However, I placed a small order with Ulta when they were having a special promotion like get $3.50 if you spend over $10.00 and FREE shipping if you spend over $25.00. I picked up a lot of Essence products. I can`t believe how cheap these items were, and the quality surprised me! Here`s a breakdown of what I bought and a mini-review on each one:

1. Essence mono eyeshadow in "It`s Up to You" (Reddish/Coral)- I believe this was only $1.99! SO CHEAP. This shade is a little crazy though. At first glance, it seems unwearable but actually it shows up as a soft coral pink color. The eyeshadow has a neat little pattern engraved on it and comes in a plastic round disc thingy. Cheap packaging but it works. You get 2.5 grams of it so that actually lasts a good time. The texture is very soft, silky, and blendable. I like to use this particular color in my crease or outer V.

2. Essence Colour & Shine Eyeshadow in "Wear it!" (Purple)- This is $2.99, still SO CHEAP. I`m not impressed with the color. I thought it would be a softer lavender color. Instead it`s a medium violet with marblized grey tint to it. I was hoping this shade would be somewhat metallic. It`s completely matte and looks a little dusty. The texture is actually very loose. It`s not as densely packed as the red/coral one^. On my eyes it looks like a greyish purple. It`s okay if I want to do a smoky eye with this being the crease color. There are also major flecks of glitter in this eyeshadow. These get EVERYWHERE on my face. Eww.

3. Essence Colour & Shine Eyeshadow in "Stage Beauty" (Beige/Light Gold)- This is the same price as the one listed above: $2.99. I think this color is more wearable than the purple one. The texture is slightly more smooth and the flecks of glitter are gold so it`s not as obvious? Okay, at least this one is UNIFORM in color. I like to wear it everyday as a neutral color all over the lids. I usually pair with black eyeliner over this.

4. Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in "Glamour to Go"- This lipgloss got some many good reviews on their website as well as on MUA and YT. I had to snag at least one to try for myself. I am a lip gloss addict so I couldn`t resist. First, let me just say that the packaging is very nice and somewhat different from standard lipgloss manufactured here in the states. The tube is very thick and round, the applicator is a doe-foot wand but it`s flat and tapered. This is good because it actually makes applying a lot less messy since it hugs the curvatures of your lips. This particular shade is a brownish nude with metallic copper sheen. It`s not something I would wear on a daily basis because I tend to look ill when sporting this. However, if I was doing smokey black eyes, maybe. Even then, I don`t think this shade fits with my skintone. My skin is golden but leans towards the beige end more than the olive. I would recommend this shade for dark skinned ladies or extremely pale skinned ladies with pink undertones. Oh yeah this retails for $1.99. Great deal.

5. Essence Lipstick in "Coralize Me"- This tube of lipstick retails for $2.49. The packaging is simple and cute, but it reminds me of something little girls would pull out of their fake makeup playset. The smell is very artificial. The color of the lipstick is a soft coral with silver shimmer. I have pigmented lips so when I put this on, I barely notice any color change. I don`t like how drying it feels on my lips. I would layer with clear gloss. Not worth the money I paid for it. I could care less for this product.

6. Essence Lipstick in "Kiss You"- This is the same lipstick but in another shade. The color is a candy neon pink shade with multi-colored shimmer flecks. This is more natural on any lips. It wears just like clear lip gloss but the formula is very drying on my lips. Boo.

7. Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in "Almost Famous"- This eyeliner retails for $1.99 only. I don`t think this particular one is available for sale anymore. This is a nude colored eyeliner that has a slight metallic sheen to it! GREAT for lining my waterline. Instead of wearing white eyeliner on waterline, I wear this because it looks more natural. It still gives me the "wide awake" eye effect though! It brightens my eyes very well. I have not tried applying this anywhere else though. There is chunky bits of glitter so I wouldn`t use this to highlight my nose-bridge or anything like that.

*Pictures all belong to me.*

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