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5 years ago

Other than the bath bombs I purchased from Lush I also added some bubble bars to my cart. I cant say Im head over heels for these bath bombs but I know Im more than liking these bubble bars. When these arrived to me, some like the one pictured had crumbled but its no big problem if theyre just going to dissolve. Youre supposed to crumble them under the tap anyway, what does it matter if its broken in delivery or in the bath.

The bubbles in the bath were the amount that came out after using half the bar. I used the rest after taking the picture. You could probably get around 2 baths out of this bubble bar, I`ve even read a review where someone said they managed to get 5 out of it but I chose to use the whole thing. The water turned into some sort of orangey colour which makes sense because red and yellow makes orange right? I was too busy playing with the bubbles to actually pay attention to the colour of the water. I really liked this one. I can forget about the bath bombs, its bubble bars FTW!

The smell? Hmm, Im going to have a bit of trouble describing this one so Im going to go with what Lush said. Its a bubble bar with <em>strawberry fragrance, angelica root, black pepper and celery seed oils</em>. All of them added together reminded me of sherbet? I did smell some of that sweetness though. Those ingredients are supposed to <em>combat stress, exhaustion and depression</em> as well.

The thing I had trouble with was crumbling it under the tap. Under the hot water I was slightly burning myself and the cold water was just too cold. In the end I just held the bubble bar under the running water without breaking it, still made bubbles fine. I dropped some bits in the bath and thought itd dissolve on its own but after some minutes it didnt look like it was going anywhere so I had to mush it myself.

What do you guys think of this bubble bar? Have you tried superstar or any of Lush bubble bars before?

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