Small review: So white bath bomb

5 years ago

I tried another one of my bath bombs because I was in need of a little relaxing bath before bed. I chose to use the <strong>So white bath bomb</strong> since I was eager to try this one out. I read the description on the <strong>Lush</strong> website and it said it had that apple scent. I think I read from somewhere it had vanilla too but I just re-read it and it never mentioned anything about it. Maybe I was hallucinating.

I threw it in my bath and it dissolved slowly and I mean quite slow, releasing white foam but I didnt feel the scent was apple-y. It was more cinnamon-y which made me think uh oh! If you didnt know Im not the biggest fan of cinnamon, I dont mind it in my bath but I preferred not to have it. The foam didnt stay so the water didnt change much, just look a little misty.

This one wasnt so diluted but I remember watching Lush on Youtube (YES, Im a loser like that) and they mentioned something like since theyre tiny you can throw not one but two or three in the bath. So if you feel the scent isnt strong enough thats an option. I wouldnt do so though. I got these on sale for £1 but the original price is £2, so if I threw 2-3 in the bath thats £4-6 all washed away. Im more of a shower girl and I usually dont spend a big amount when it comes to shower/bathing.

Overall? Im disappointed and wouldnt repurchase this one again even though in the sale it was £1. I didnt feel it was amazing enough. I still think I like their bubble bars more than their bath bombs.

What do you guys think of this bath bomb? Have you tried it? Which other lush products have you tried?

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