Small review: A bombinaball bath bomb

4 years ago

A quick bath was called for today because of all the pre-exam stress Ive had but lets not go into this miserable topic. I still remember having some Lush stuff Ive not finished off so I might as well use one now and I picked a bombinaball bath bomb.

I wouldve liked to show you guys how it looks out of the packet but it was broken when it got to me. I was impressed with this one.. at first. I mean it looks great when it was melting with the blue, yellow and a few bubbles, I just wasnt keen on it after the smell hit me.

It has menthol and peppermint which I definitely smelt when I shoved my nose into the bath bomb but it seemed like cinnamon or spices to me at first. Have no idea whats it with me smelling cinnamon in the lush products most of the time Lol. The water turned a nice blue but the bubbles disappeared not long after. This bomb is definitely big enough to use more than once but I like to throw the whole thing in.

Hmm. Wouldnt say I hate this but its certainly not a favourite. Seeing the bath bomb melt was the only thing that impressed me (just like other bath bombs). Compared to the other ones Ive tried this one did look prettiest.

Have you tried this bath bomb before? What Lush products have you tried?

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