Small Haul from Walmart

4 years ago

This is a small haul that I did at Walmart all because I was running out of <em>facial-cleansing wipes</em>. I was using <strong>Yes to Cucumbers!</strong> and I wanted a change since I wasn`t too happy with them. They come 30 in a pack and although they smell good - they kind of sting my eyes and don`t do a great job on removing WP makeup.

<strong>Haul items:</strong>
- <strong>Revlon Lip Butters</strong> > These were on sale for BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free!) so of course I had to get 2! <em>Strawberry Shortcake</em> is my absolute favorite color out of the entire line and mine was running out. <em>Peach Parfait</em> is also great for fall and I think the gold shimmers are very pretty. The color is darker than <em>Cotton Candy</em> which also had shimmers but better for summer/spring.
- <strong>Burt`s Bee`s Sensitive Wipes</strong> > This was the main reason I had to do a bit of shopping. I ran out of my make-up wipes and decided to go for a new brand. I`ve tried SO many in the past - <em>Neutrogena, Simple, Biore, Yes to Cucumbers, Aveeno</em> - and I still haven`t found one I LOVE that works best. I used this yesterday and it doesn`t have much of a smell. From initial impressions, it takes off makeup very well - very smooth and not irritating on the skin. Eye makeup is always a challenge but this works decent without burning or stinging. So far it`s a good spend. I think it`s a little more expensive than the average line but well worth it.
- <strong>NYC Sunny Bronzer</strong> > Self explanatory! So many reviews and raves and this is my second one! I love it =) and I love the giant mirror lol
- <strong>Secret`s Clinical Deodorant</strong> > In <em>Fearlessly Fresh Scent</em> is my favorite out of the YEARS of wearing deodorant. No doubt, a lot of regular sticks don`t work on me too well but I find this one is long-lasting, smells great and actually doesn`t stain my armpits or clothes. It comes in a box and IS more expensive, but so well worth it!

With that all said, I wish you guys a great day and I`d love to hear your thoughts - <em>especially on makeup wipes!</em> I`ve been on the hunt for the ideal one!

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