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4 years ago

I will be busy most of tomorrow so I thought I`d go ahead and share the items I have hauled this weekend. I only picked up a few items but....worth sharing, right? :-)

The first thing is an OPI nail polish. It is from the Spiderman collection, which I have said over and over that I am just not interested in. Apparently, I am a sucker for hype. When I saw the display I decided I had to get this one since it is the most talked about. It is Just Spotted The Lizard. It is interesting, I`ll admit... but, we`ll see how much I really like it once it is on my nails. The others weren`t anything special so I passed on the rest of the collection.

The next thing really took me by surprise. I was in walmart and while my husband was looking at soldering wire and junk I was in the clearance aisle that was just a couple down. My eyes immediately locked in on......get ready for it.... Sally Hansen HIDDEN TREASURE!! YES! I know I have the Essie version already but this baby was so hard to find a couple of years ago and is pretty much gone now. I could not believe that one single bottle was just sitting there... untouched, completely full... just looking at me! Simply because of it being discontinues and so damn hard to find... I had to have it. I could not, for the life of me, walk away without getting it.

Also in the clearance aisle was a teeny tiny mini sized bottle of Viva La Juicy. I have never owned this perfume but I know a ton of people love it so I went ahead and bought it. Since it was so cheap and small I figured it couldn`t hurt.

The final items are rose earrings. They are in blue and a gunmetal color. I LOVE flower earrings and have been wanting some rose ones. I decided I had to have these.

So... that is it for my little haul!

What items have you bought this weekend?


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