Small Big Lots Haul

5 years ago

Hey everyone! I went to Big Lots again! I went there mainly to look for the Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Oil-Free Cleanser since mines is starting to run low. So far, Big Lots is the only place where I have seen these. I am guessing that they are discontinued since I have never seen them at drugstores. The Big Lots that I went to didn`t have any but hopefully, I will be able find a couple and buy back-ups. What I bought:
SOFT LIPS (SERENCE) LIPTINT WITH BONUS LIP BALM I have tried these before and I mainly bought it for the cherry flavor lip balm. The cherry flavor lip balm is actually clear. It doesn`t give your lips any color. It just moisturizes your lips. I have tried the lip tint one and I didn`t like it that much because it made my lips too frosty. Both lip products have SPF. The cherry lip balm has SPF20 while the lip tint has SPF15. I only buy these at Big Lots because its such a great deal. I got both of these lip balms for $1.50USD plus tax.
CLEAN & CLEAR FINISHES EVEN TONE OIL-FREE CLEANSER I bought this because I could find the Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Oil-Free Cleanser. Hopefully this will work the same. I wish that it was a foam because I feel like foam cleansers clean my face more better. I haven`t tried this one yet so if you have tried this before, please let me know what you think about it. This was $3.50USD plus tax at Big Lots. I haven`t seen this product at drugstores either, so it might be discontinued.
MYSCENT REFILLABLE PERFUME ATOMIZER I bought this for my boyfriend so he could use it. He has a bunch of cologne samples that he can use this to bring with him during the day. I might actually go back and buy another one to use for my perfume samples as well. Its not as great as the Travelo Atomizers but its still good for using up your perfume samples that doesn`t come with sprays. I hate perfume samples that don`t come with their own sprays so this MyScent Atomizer is perfect for that solution since you can just pour your samples into the atomizer. This was only $1.50USD plus tax, which is cheaper than buying it at Walgreens. I see these all the time at my Walgreens by the travel section. If you ever do decide to buy these, definitely go to you Big Lots instead because Big Lots sells them for $1.50USD while Walgreens sells them for around $5USD. So that is it for my Big Lots haul! I didn`t get much but thats all right. Hopefully the next time I go, they will have the Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Oil-Free Cleanser.
What do you think about my haul? Have you tried any of the products featured in this haul? ==================================================================
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