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How was your weekend? I can`t believe it`s Sunday evening and tomorrow I have to go to work.
Anyways, yesterday I had to wake up quite early because my friend has made an appointment for us to go and have a haircut. Oh, boy, when I think of it, I think I was hair is curly so whenever I cut 1cm it looks like if I lost at least 3 the lady that did my hair asked me if like 5 cm was ok? and I said yes... and now my hair is so short! But I know it will finally grow back again and it will be more healthy...
While I was at the hairdresser, she recommended me some of the professional products they work with, so I decided to buy a Londa Professional Deep Moisture Conditioning Spray with Honey and Mango; this is supposed to moisture my hair and make it look great...hope it works cause it was a tad pricey (I paid 68 lei=$22 for having my hair washed, cut and for this spray).
After this, my friend asked if I wanted to go with her to the hypermarket so of course I said yes. I knew that yesterday was the day the first Flormar shop opened in Romania (until now there only were stands with their products) and I knew they were supposed to give some free goodies.
So from Flormar I got 2 nail polishes (6 lei each, ~$2). Their products don`t have names, just numbers, so I got:
- a type of coral polish, no 377
- a minty polish, no 424
What I didn`t like was the light in the coral polish looked really rosy there, but when I got home I saw it was something different then I hoped. I hate when that happens... you try something on in the store, you like the color so much and when you get out, you got something a shade or two different.
Anyways, the freebies I got was a perfume sample and a big lipstick tester from the Longwearing line, L14, which is a really gorgeous orange-y shade. I haven`t tried their lipsticks before, but I did buy a few for my friends... I was really happy with the lipstick as I try not to buy lipsticks anymore because I feel I have so many.
My friend also got a hand cream sample (5mL) but I didn`t receive that.

Well, there was something that annoyed me actually...and it wasn`t the fact that I didn`t get that extra sample. The shop should`ve opened at 10am like the rest of the stores but no... we shopped some grocery from the hypermarket and it was like 11 and something when they opened. And I was expecting the store to be bigger, it was quite small and there were like 4 sellers that were watching us (the only customers) like we were gonna rub! and nagging me, do you want this, this goes with this, bla-bla! I wanna do my shopping on my own... if I want something is to have some space to breath! And I also find out that for the beauty bloggers they gave a bunch (like 6-8) of full products no matter if they bought something or not... Is this discrimination or what?! Oh, well, at least, I got a lipstick! Lol!
I might seem ungrateful, but sometimes I get sick of how some companies treat their costumers. It`s not they give you reward points for shopping there or anything...

But I shouldn`t bore you with my thoughts anymore...
That`s my tiny haul + freebies. Have you tried any of these products before?

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