Slim Those Inner Thighs While Sitting!

5 years ago

If you are like me, you know bikini season is coming up soon! Personally for me, I don`t really want to lose any weight, but I do want to tone up a bit! My upper body is naturally slim and I do weights to build muscle... with that being said, all my weight goes to my hips and thighs! I run every other day so that keeps my legs toned and fit, but I do have some trouble with my inner thighs...
I don`t know why, but they just won`t tone up as much as I want them to... Maybe it`s because they won`t get any slimmer without weight loss (which I don`t really want) or maybe it`s because I eat unhealthy like half the time (I do run 25 miles a week so I think it is okay I hope.. Plus I eat healthy the other 50% of the time!!)

I was looking online for some ways to slim inner thighs and I found quite a bit articles about exercises you could do. There were a few and I will be trying them, but one exercise caught my eye since it was so easy to do! I am currently a student and I spend quite a bit of time in school and studying and that entire time, I am sitting. This workout can be done while I sit!!

Basically all you have to do is grab a book (any weight, but the heavier the better) and place it between your thighs while you are sitting straight up in a chair.
This might sound easy, but try holding the book there for 5- 10 minutes!!
I did it for ~7 minutes and when I let the book go, my legs were actually tired and a bit in pain!!

I think this exercise works since it forces you to squeeze your inner thighs tightly and engage those muscles. I have done this for a few days now while I study and I def. notice my thighs getting strong and sore. I see a slight difference, but that just might be in my head. I am sure that my legs are getting stronger each day though so that is a huge positive!!
If you are looking to slim your inner thighs, you should try this out!

Have you tried this before?
What were your results?
Do you have any good exercises for inner thighs?

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