Slim Jim VS. Jack Links

I love snacking on beef steaks, beef sticks, beef jerky or however you call it but it`s not the healthiest but it does contain protein? Lol.

Comparing the Two:

Comes in a pack of 16 for like $3.50
Also comes in a long stick of 1 for like $1.00
This a smoked snack stick made with beef and chicken.
The beef stick is oily.. comes out a orange liquid sometimes when you chew in it or in the packaging WHICH is why my boyfriend refuses to eat Slim Jims but it`s been a snack I had since Middle School and occasional buy it lol..
Doesn`t taste fresh or as good as other
Easy to bite, easy to eat

Also comes in a stick form but I prefer the steak form
Tastes more fresh
Chewy and hard
$1 each
GREAT flavor!

My Opinion about the two:

Portable "on the go" type of snack

A snack that you have a little time and patience cause you have to chew
Not as oily

Overall I think JACK LINKS is the winner even the stick form like the Slim Jim the Jack Links taste fresher and better. I`d recommend the Jack Links! I also feel Jack Links is more healthy, it isn`t oily or anything like the Slim Jims =)

<strong>What kind of beef stick/jerky brand do you like to eat or prefer?</strong>

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