SLENDER: A horror game

4 years ago

SLENDER is a game based on a man who has gone into coma. While he is in a coma, he has these phases where he is getting chased by a stalker called the slender man. You must collect all the notes and run to the exit before the slender gets you...can you do it?

SLENDER is a very scary game, because it is a horror catogorized game. I think this is the first horror game I have ever seen, and I am now aware of The Walking Dead, Amnesia, etc. The video above shows PewDiePie completing the game, and his funny facial reactions. The YouTuber called TheSyndicateProject has also played this game, and you see a funny slow motion reaction at the end to when he gets captured by the slender man. The game is meant to get harder every time you collect the note/apparel, because the slender is trying to get rid of you, he doesn`t like visitors...

I sometimes jumped during the video above because of how scary this is, and even then, I am not even playing it, the game looks very well made for a pc, and it does scare me alot, what I want to know is would you play this game? Because I know for a fact that I wouldn`t!

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