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Directed by Barry Levinson.

In this film, starring Kevin Bacon, the late Brad Renfro, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Minnie Driver, and many others. It was a summer when kids played in the middle of the streets and these boys had nothing better to do but have fun. One day they decided to play a prank on the hotdog selling vendor guy only to ruin the rest of there younger years. The sentence for there crime lead them years in a juvenile hall facility. You would have to watch it first of all to get the intentions and all that good stuff. However, these boys were left at this facility that was staffed with pedophiles. It was one of the most vivid films I have seen in my life and I was still a young kid same age to these boys or even younger. So graphic you might need to fast forward if there is children around, it`s not for everyone kind of film. They grow up and finally survived the hell but then two of the boys encounter Kevin Bacon`s character and shoots him at gun point. All hell broke loose. They were taken to court and found a lawyer that wins there case. De Niro plays a huge part but a small one and it`ll make you cry. I rate this movie a 4 1/2 out of 5 because no one my age should have watched it. Makes you fear grown men and very sketchy juvenile facilities.

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